Granite Tiles in Aurora Grow in Popularity

With the surge of new homes built in the Aurora region, home-buyers are asking for the installation of tiles that are durable and long lasting. Developers are now suggesting granite tiles to customers as they provide many benefits and a commonly seen in new flooring and bathroom trends.
Granite Tiles
Granite is a natural and sturdy stone that can be used both for the interior and exterior of a home. The stone itself is flecked and are often noted as exhibiting a "salt and pepper" quality. Quartz is found in granite, and is the component responsible for its unique crystal-like sprinkled appearance. Granite tiles are one of the most popular natural stone options because they are resilient, easy to clean and repel water.Granite slabs are frequently seen on kitchen table tops or in bathrooms for these reasons, but are also found in the form of tiles for decorative uses or as flooring. Tiles may also be used for counter-tops, which is an option associated with significant cost reductions for the material. The tiling option, as opposed to slab, offers the added comfort of knowing that they may be easily replaced in the unlikely event that a tile is damaged or scratched.
Flooring Trends
New in interior decor fashion is the integration and matching of granite tiles with other floor alternatives like hardwood. The reasons behind this lie in the qualities and finish of using granite as your sole flooring choice. When polished, the stone is quite shiny and may look busy. Many people also find that granite can retain a cool temperature and may be bothersome to walk on. Lastly, it is a hard material and can be slippery when wet. Pairing granite tiles with hardwood cuts through the one-dimensional look of your room and will draw interest to the nuances of your interior décor. For this reason, decorators are moving away from using just one material to adorn a room. Bringing an eclectic mix of textures and colours that work harmoniously together will spruce up the modernity of your living space.
Bathroom Trends
A bathroom should be a sanctuary, a place of luxury for you to retreat after a hard day of work. Why not add a touch of glamour to your bathroom by installing granite tiles? There are many opportunities for tiling in bathrooms. A common technique is to put granite tiles on the walls of your bathing area. Granite tiles can be cut very precisely and are perfect for a unique patterned design on the wall. A matte finish on the natural stone would incorporate a juxtaposition of textures into the room, giving it a more contemporary look. Matching the granite tiles from the wall of your bathing area with your sink and vanity table will help in creating a more uniform space and mood.
If you are on the market for a new house in Aurora, be sure to ask your contractor if granite is an option. Whether you choose to combine granite tiles with hardwood flooring, or install them in your bathroom, the sophistication of these natural stone tiles will be sure to impress your guests!